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ACSN Webinar | AI & Evolving Workforce

Wednesday, December 4, 2019 | 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EST

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Did you know that 62% of hiring managers across industries believe that AI will change how we will work within five years? Walmart is poised to bring thousands of robots to nearly 5,000 of its 11,348 stores, where they will replace lower-level jobs. Accenture is predicting that AI could boost U.S. labor productivity by 35% by 2035. Productivity increases via AI does not equal an increase in jobs. What will this mean for the workforce as we know it? Are you engaging with your alumni about this continuously changing job market? How is your department and organization thinking about AI and its impact on the workforce? Join us for a conversation about how to explore the topic "AI & Evolving Workforce", and how we can explore conversations with our alumni, staff, and leadership within our own organizations about this topic.

Attendees will gain the following by attending this webinar:

  • Further understanding of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on workforce evolvement.
  • The importance of continuous learning and its impact on how professionals will be able contribute to this rapid changing workforce.
  • An understanding of how to effectively prepare for the future workforce.

About the Presenter

Ankit Shah Career Consultant, The Ohio State University

Ankit has more than seven years of experience in the career management field within higher education and K-12 settings. He has advised students and alumni at Methodist University, Denison University, Columbus State Community College, and The Ohio State University. He had the privilege of assisting underserved as well as underrepresented populations in his entire professional journey, specifically in the lens of P-20. Now, due to his diverse educational and professional journey, he is able to use all of his experiences to work with alumni to assist with their diverse careers in the Office of Alumni Career Management at The Ohio State University.

Ankit holds a BS in Early Childhood Education from University of Toledo and a MEd in Higher Education Administration from North Carolina State University. He is currently pursuing another graduate degree in Workforce Development & Education at The Ohio State University.

ACSN Webinar | Empower Alumni To Find Their Ideal Career

Tuesday, January 14, 2020 | 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EST

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Unsure how to assist those alumni who need career direction? If you have alumni who are asking you for help with finding the right career fit, and need a quick, easy yet incredibly effective tool to assist them, this webinar is for you. Hallie Crawford has been a certified career coach, speaker and author for over 18 years. Using her trademarked Ideal Career Model, you will learn how to guide alumni towards finding their ideal career path using her 8-piece career model. 

Hallie will provide you with an outline of what to say to alumni to guide them, including how to identify their:

  • Career Values: Peak experience exercise to determine Personal Values and Career Values 
  • Strengths: Tools to help them assess and understand their strengths Personality 
  • Type: How their personality type influences their career choices

About the Presenter

Hallie is a certified career coach, speaker and author based in Atlanta, Georgia whose coaching company helps professionals identify, land and succeed in their dream job. She moved to Atlanta 20 years ago from Chicago to escape the cold and be closer to family. 

For the past 18 years, Hallie’s team of coaches have helped professionals of all ages, nationwide, achieve their career goals. She’s published numerous books and is regularly featured as a career expert in the media including CNN, Fox Business News, Kiplinger's and the Wall Street Journal. Hallie has an undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt University and a master’s degree from the University of Illinois.


ACSN Webinar | Don’t Be Blindsided by Unconscious Bias: How to Recognize and Interrupt It

Tuesday, February 25 2020 | 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EST

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Despite our best intentions, research shows we all have it – unconscious, unintentional bias. Unconscious attitudes and beliefs are shaped by all kinds of influences – some of which we would not agree with or accept on a conscious level. Yet, these unconscious thoughts influence decision-making and can have a profound impact in the workplace as well as interactions with stakeholders, like alumni and students. The key is to learn how to recognize your own unconscious biases as well as practical ways to interrupt them – on both the individual and organizational levels.

Attendees will gain the following by attending this webinar:

- Better understand how unconscious biases are formed and what to do to neutralize them on a personal and organizational level.
- Take away specific tools for interrupting unconscious biases.
- Lean how cognitive biases might be interfering with optimal interactions between career professionals and their clients.

About the Presenters

Kathleen Nalty is a lawyer, author, and consultant who helps organizations advance diversity and inclusion. She has received 10 awards for her groundbreaking work in diversity and inclusion. In 2019 she published the second edition of “Going All-In on Diversity & Inclusion: The Law Firm Leaders’ Playbook.” Previously, Kathleen founded the Center for Legal Inclusiveness (CLI) in Denver, Colorado and led the nonprofit as its Executive Director for over five years. She also worked as a career consultant for the University of Denver Law School. Early in her legal career she worked as a federal civil rights prosecutor at the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, DC where she prosecuted hate crimes, slavery, and police brutality cases. Contact Kathleen at [email protected]

Cindy Hyman has spent 10+ years at the University of Denver (DU) delivering alumni career and professional development services to 140,000+ alumni live and virtually. Cindy built the University of Denver alumni career services program that currently offers online resume reviews, drop-in phone appointments, and 50+ live programs and webinars annually. She is currently the Vice-President of Corporate Partners and a past president of ACSN. Before working at DU, Cindy worked in legal recruiting for 9 years where she served on the Board for the Center for Legal Inclusiveness, the Colorado Pledge to Diversity Law Firm group, the Deans’ Diversity Council (invited by the Deans of the University of Colorado and University of Denver law schools) and as co-chair of the Colorado Bar Association Diversity in the Legal Profession Committee.

Cindy received her BA in English from Colorado College and her JD from the University of Colorado.


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