ACSN Mentor Program

ACSN offers a mentor program for members to assist in developing and improving your alumni career service programs. We encourage you to take advantage of this great program.

More experienced Alumni Career Services professionals in the field will be matched with less experienced professionals for a 1-year mentoring experience.  Mentor/mentee pairs create a unique mentoring relationship (topics for discussion, frequency of discussion, etc.) that works best for both partners. Of course, we’ll work to match pairs for “best fit” taking into account years of experience, commonality of workplace environment (public/private and large/small).

The ACSN Mentor Program is a member benefit for professional individual  and student members. Eligibility for other member types will be determined on a case by case basis. After becoming a member, you may apply as either a mentor or mentee. 

2021-2022 Registration Coming Soon!

Here’s what past participants have said about the value of our mentor program:

“….most of us have small staffs, it is so good to have colleagues to turn to when making decisions about programming, vendors/products, successes. I found it invaluable.”

“Having perspective from a different institution is valuable.”

“People starting out in this field can benefit from the wisdom of those who have been doing this for years. No need to reinvent the wheel!”

“I love that ACSN is taking the lead and this would not have happened if ACSN didn't put it together so THANK YOU!”