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 ACSN Webinar | Don’t Be Blindsided by Unconscious Bias: How to Recognize and Interrupt It

Tuesday, February 25 2020 | 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EST

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Despite our best intentions, research shows we all have it – unconscious, unintentional bias. Unconscious attitudes and beliefs are shaped by all kinds of influences – some of which we would not agree with or accept on a conscious level. Yet, these unconscious thoughts influence decision-making and can have a profound impact in the workplace as well as interactions with stakeholders, like alumni and students. The key is to learn how to recognize your own unconscious biases as well as practical ways to interrupt them – on both the individual and organizational levels.

Attendees will gain the following by attending this webinar:

- Better understand how unconscious biases are formed and what to do to neutralize them on a personal and organizational level.
- Take away specific tools for interrupting unconscious biases.
- Lean how cognitive biases might be interfering with optimal interactions between career professionals and their clients.

About the Presenters

Kathleen Nalty is a lawyer, author, and consultant who helps organizations advance diversity and inclusion. She has received 10 awards for her groundbreaking work in diversity and inclusion. In 2019 she published the second edition of “Going All-In on Diversity & Inclusion: The Law Firm Leaders’ Playbook.” Previously, Kathleen founded the Center for Legal Inclusiveness (CLI) in Denver, Colorado and led the nonprofit as its Executive Director for over five years. She also worked as a career consultant for the University of Denver Law School. Early in her legal career she worked as a federal civil rights prosecutor at the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, DC where she prosecuted hate crimes, slavery, and police brutality cases. Contact Kathleen at [email protected]

Cindy Hyman has spent 10+ years at the University of Denver (DU) delivering alumni career and professional development services to 140,000+ alumni live and virtually. Cindy built the University of Denver alumni career services program that currently offers online resume reviews, drop-in phone appointments, and 50+ live programs and webinars annually. She is currently the Vice-President of Corporate Partners and a past president of ACSN. Before working at DU, Cindy worked in legal recruiting for 9 years where she served on the Board for the Center for Legal Inclusiveness, the Colorado Pledge to Diversity Law Firm group, the Deans’ Diversity Council (invited by the Deans of the University of Colorado and University of Denver law schools) and as co-chair of the Colorado Bar Association Diversity in the Legal Profession Committee.

Cindy received her BA in English from Colorado College and her JD from the University of Colorado.

ACSN Webinar | A Dialogue Around Building Alumni Communities @ Work

Thursday, March 5, 2020 | 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EST
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Join us for a discussion around how universities are bringing their alumni communities together at work. Each panelist will give a brief overview of the work they are currently doing, highlighting not only successes but challenges they’ve faced. The audience will then have the chance to ask questions and share their own thoughts or program ideas. 

This is a new type of webinar, where the audience will be able to actively engage in the discussion and not just be a passive participant. So, if you’re looking to create new programming around this topic or are already doing it, this webinar is for you!

Panel Speakers:
Linda Pantale, Associate Director, Alumni Engagement and Career Development, University of Chicago
Jon Ruzek, Vice President of Engagement, University of Minnesota Alumni Association
Michael Steelman, Director, Alumni Career Management and Processional Networks, William & Mary

Moderator: Melissa Turk, Associate Director, Academic and Processional Programs, Carnegie Mellon University



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